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Join me and the thousands of others who are unapologetically creating lives that are actually yours.

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Life is not about perfection it’s about progression


We are living in a world where we all are racing to become perfect. We all thrive to be a perfect boss, perfect employee, perfect mom etc. Instead of torturing us with the delusion of perfectionism. Let us empower ourselves with the idea of progression. The only thing we have to concentrate is that am I better than I was yesterday

Life happens for us not to us

Life is a mixture of ups and downs, storm and breeze, it’s like a journey through a sea we can never control the waves or the storms but we can learn the art of grounding ourselves amidst our troubles



Problems are inevitable parts of our life. I strongly believe that  instead of helping  some one to solve their problem, its always better to strengthen that person to handle it by themselves, that’s why I choose to be a transformational life coach.

Through my own transformation and years of study, emotional eating and life coaching, I’ve been guiding a lot of women for over the years through the process of remembering their brilliance and their unique mission in this lifetime.


Naslee is a catalyst . She’s here to transform you and light a fire inside you. Compassionately.

~ Dr. Abdussalam Omar, Founder of Deep Immersion






Know Yourself With
Naslee Fathima


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I believe you landed on this page for a reason

Listen to me:

Seeking help for mental health issues is still a taboo in our society. Most people don’t know the difference between mental health issues and mental diseases. There are lots of experts and fields in this sector life coaching is one among them.

Emotional well being is needed at all age group. Our society still lack a proper support system for emotional wellbeing. We can create this through proper awareness and campaigns.

Problems are inevitable parts of our life. I strongly believe that  instead of helping  some one to solve their problem, its always better to strengthen that person to handle it by themselves, that’s why I choose to be a transformational life coach. If a caterpillar can  transform in to a beautiful butterfly, each of us can fly to the world of endless opportunities.


Here’s where we can start

I had everything a woman is “supposed to want”…

Growing up as the first born with two younger siblings, I enjoyed my childhood with lots of love and laughter. I was an avid reader who enjoyed the magnificent stories my pages told.

After completing my schooling, I choose to study physics for graduation and computer for post-graduation

I was very ambitious about my future and had lots of colorful dreams of being an independent and responsible social being. Towards the end of my PG I got married and came to Saudi Arabia after my studies.

I came to the holy city Makkah. It was a dream come true for me to be in haram and see the “kaabah” with my own eyes. That time you wouldn’t see any female employees other than in schools and hospitals, So I kept aside my ambitions and concentrated on my family. My husband was working in the hospitality field, which was a totally new thing for me, we explored the ambiance and enjoyed our togetherness. Expatriate life opened a new world in front me, though I was away from my family, Makkah life gave me a handful of lifelong friends and that too from diverse countries.

We were blessed with our son in 2005, my journey as mother started.


Be a warrior not a worrier

my story

But the world we live in…

I was very fond of kids and I used to fantasize about raising my kids a certain way, but nothing worked with my son. 

By the grace of almighty he was hyperactive curious and naughty. I chose to totally sink myself into my motherhood. I enjoyed the happiness the tension, the confusion the guilt the hugs the mess and the kisses. During this phase I used to get reminders from my “well-wishers” that I was wasting my  life without a job or you wouldnt have any value if you don’t have any job. Initially I also fell into the trap and started feeling low a lot. I welcomed my second child in 2010 and my elder son started schooling in the same year. At the beginning I was not able to figure out how to teach him. How to guide him because he and the curriculum were on two poles. It was a real struggle finally I understood I can’t guide him with my present knowledge/ wisdom I need to learn new ways or ideas to handle him.

Working Mom

I finally said “enough!

That’s when I had the realization that parenting is to be learned, no one inherits the manual of a good parenting simply by giving birth. I also understood that the first step to improve my kids is to improve myself. 

I started my journey of self-development. Started reading and attending courses. Studying Arabic and Quran opened a new world of wisdom in front of me. During my journey I learned that its not a must to have a job to have “value”. The meaning of the term “value” is  wrongly taught by the society. From childhood we are taught that if we are not appreciated enough by others we are not “valued” enough, but the reality is we have to be valued from inside by our actions. This comes by doing good or helping people within the family and the society. If a person go to bed peacefully because of you, you are valued, if a person smiles and feel relieved because of you, you are valued, ………

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